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12 of the Best Sleep Masks for a Good Night’s Kip

They genuinely help you sleep better.

Last Updated on November 8, 2021

Not getting enough sleep? Yeah, me neither – so I’ve started to look for the best sleep masks to help solve my problem.

It’s been hard for me to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep since the onset of the pandemic.

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And I’ve tried everything — from reducing blue light exposure at night to optimising my bedroom environment. 

woman wearing a sleep mask applying skincare

I heard that sleep masks do wonders though, so I’m going to give it a shot.

Experts say putting one on before bedtime can help calm you and condition your brain to recognise that things are slowing down and that it’s safe and comfortable to head to sleep, according to the Cleveland Clinic

In short, these nifty nighttime accessories will help you doze off quickly and keep you sleeping for longer. Sounds like what I’m looking for.

Since being set on having one as a staple in my bedtime routine, I’ve been looking for the best — the softest, most skin-friendly, and with the greatest effectiveness.  

Much to my surprise, there are actually quite a lot of them available on the market right now! And you already know that I’ll be sharing my top picks.

The best part is none of them are priced more than £50 and all of them look good.

Whether you’re a fan of prints (there are ones with celestial, floral and stamp prints) or plain colours, you’ll find something that will suit your style well.

Yes, style is still important even while you sleep. I mean, don’t just stop at chic pyjamas, make sure you have stylish sleeping masks too.

Here are my top picks, as promised!

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Buy now

Leopard Print White Eye Mask Moon + Mellow at Wolf & Badger

Leopard Print White Eye Mask, £26, Moon + Mellow at Wolf & Badger – buy now

Fluffy Sleep Mask The White Company London

Fluffy Sleep Mask, £15, The White Company London – buy now

Cotton Luxe Eye Mask Desmond & Dempsey

Cotton Luxe Eye Mask, £20, Desmond & Dempsey – buy now

Velvet Lavender Scented Eye Mask Morris & Co

Velvet Lavender Scented Eye Mask, £18, Morris & Co – buy now

Satin Blush Eye Mask Kitsch at ASOS

Satin Blush Eye Mask, £14, Kitsch at ASOS – buy now

Woodstock Eye Mask Kate Barnet

Woodstock Eye Mask, £8, Kate Barnet – buy now

Midnight Blue Sleep Mask The Drowsy at Oliver Bonas

Midnight Blue Sleep Mask, £49.50, The Drowsy at Oliver Bonas – buy now

SMUG Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask

SMUG Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask, £11.99, Superdrug – buy now

This blackout sleep mask has a dome design, leaving space for semi-permanent eyelashes and preventing damage.

Satin Stripe Eye Mask Jigsaw

Satin Stripe Eye Mask, £20, Jigsaw – buy now

Merino Wool Eye Mask Piglet in Bed

Merino Wool Eye Mask, £29, Piglet in Bed – buy now

Celestial Frill Eye Mask Skinny Dip London

Celestial Frill Eye Mask, £8, Skinny Dip London – buy now

WWF Snow Leopard Eye Mask Fenella Smith

WWF Snow Leopard Eye Mask, £24, Fenella Smith – buy now

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