Is Warehouse True to Size?

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Last Updated on April 24, 2023

Since Warehouse became part of the Boohoo group, the brand only sells their gorgeous clothes online. While this can be a convenient way to shop, it makes choosing the right size much more difficult.

Why? Because you can’t try anything on before you buy, and while Klarna is always an option, most of us want to know what we’re buying will fit before we place an order.

Warehouse has some of the best dresses out there, if you ask me. But if you’ve never shopped from there before, which size should you get?

Warehouse model posing wearing the brand's apparel

Getting the right fit is crucial, but inconsistent sizing across UK brands makes it difficult to ensure a proper fit. 

Sizing issues are responsible for about 40% of clothing returns between retailers. This highlights the importance of accurate sizing in the fashion industry and the impact it can have on both shoppers and businesses. 

Not to mention that returns require additional transportation, packaging, and handling, which can have a negative environmental impact.

If you’re looking to reduce returns and finally make a purchase from your Warehouse shopping cart, continue reading to learn more about their sizing.

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Does Warehouse sizes come up small?

In my personal experience, Warehouse is pretty true to size. In my wardrobe, I have everything from knitted tops to jackets and even shoes, and these have all been bought in my regular size.

However many shoppers who have reviewed Warehouse online have mentioned that the sizes tend to come up smaller than expected. 

Some customers have recommended going up a size or even two sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. Others have mentioned that the sizing is inconsistent between different styles or even between different batches of the same style. 

This could be because Warehouse has changed hands in the last few years. I used to find their sizing much roomier, whereas now it fits me well.

So it’s fair to say their sizing is inconsistent. I know it’s not what you want to hear, but if you’re not sure or are between sizes, you may need to buy 2 to ensure you get the right fit for you.

You can check the brand’s size guide for reference too.

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Does Warehouse have any stores?

Warehouse, along with its sister brand Oasis, were forced to close their physical stores in the UK due to the coronavirus lockdown in 2020.

As a result, both brands suffered significant losses and were later acquired by online fashion retailer Boohoo Group. 

Currently, Warehouse and Oasis operate exclusively as online retailers, and customers can shop for their products on their official websites or through other online retailers that stock their products.