Zara’s Scented Candles Were Designed By Jo Malone – Here Are the Most Delicious Smelling of the Bunch

The best bit? They're only £16.

Last Updated on March 28, 2023

Zara Home has convinced me that indulging in scented candles doesn’t have to come at a premium price point. 

Their collection has opened my eyes to the fact that more affordable options other than designer brands can still get us the delicious aroma we all want in our home.

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Although Zara has gained fame for its unbelievably good clothing, shoes, accessories, and perfumes, the brand’s home division Zara Home is fast catching up and establishing itself as one of the heavy hitters when it comes to high street interiors.

Zara candles stacked

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as lighting a new candle, pouring a glass of wine and relaxing in front of the TV. I know it’s spring, but it doesn’t exactly feel warm and sunny yet, so I’m still in hibernation mode.

In my quest to find more affordable candle options from high-street brands, Zara has recently piqued my interest with their impressive collection. 

Zara made waves in 2020 with the launch of their collaboration with the iconic British perfumer Jo Malone CBE, who is renowned for her eponymous brand, Jo Malone London, and her subsequent creation, Jo Loves. 

Together, they unveiled a line of affordable scented candles, and honestly, they smell better than you’d expect.

Ever since I got my hands on them, I’ve been in an unrelenting pursuit to collect them all. These candles are gorgeous, and their aroma wafts through the air even before you even finish unboxing them. The best part is their longevity, which can’t be said for all cheaper candles.

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Without exaggeration, I can confidently vouch for each and every one of the candles in their collection. In terms of quality, burn time, and fragrance intensity, they’re on par with even the most expensive candles in the market.

Shop the candles below.

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Shop Zara Candles

Waterlily Tea Dress

Waterlily Tea Dress, £15.99 – Buy now

Bohemian Bluebells

Bohemian Bluebells, £14.99 – Buy now

Amalfi Sunray

Amalfi Sunray, £15.99 – Buy now

Vetiver Pamplemousse & Ebony Wood Aromatic Candle

Vetiver Pamplemousse & Ebony Wood Aromatic Candle, £15.99 – Buy now 

Leather Jardin

Leather Jardin, £15.99 – Buy now 

Elegantly Tokyo

Elegantly Tokyo, £15.99 – Buy now

Incense Sunset

Incense Sunset, £15.99 – Buy now 

Fleur De Patchouli

Fleur De Patchouli, £15.99 – Buy now 

Magnificently Dubai

Magnificently Dubai, £15.99 – Buy now  

Stunningly Venice

Stunningly Venice, £15.99 – Buy now 

Fashionably London

Fashionably London, £15.99 – Buy now

Gracefully Madrid

Gracefully Madrid, £15.99 – Buy now

Energetically New York

Energetically New York, £15.99 – Buy now