When Do the Christmas Sales Start in 2021?

When will shopping season officially start?
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Christmastime is the perfect season to snag items on sale – when do the festive sales start?

Aside from the cheery atmosphere during the Christmas season, the time spent with family, and the abundance of festive food, one thing I look forward to is the prospect of scoring coveted fashion items at discounted prices. 

Like us, brands seem to be in a giving mood during the season. So if you’ve been eyeing something that’s a bit pricey but have the patience to wait before gifting it to yourself, you may want to hold off till Christmas sales start.

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christmas sales

When do the Christmas sales start?

While there’s no definite date for when things roll out, there seems to be a pattern for when these sales start to ‘creep up.’ ‘Christmas creeping’ is said to be a way retailers take advantage of the hype for Christmas shopping by starting the sale season early.

In the past, Christmas-related sales were more supported after Christmas. Boxing Day, which is on 26 December, used to be the biggest shopping holiday in the UK. However, it has been taken over by Black Friday, and in 2015, sales grew faster in November than in December.

Despite Boxing Day’s and Black Friday’s popularity, though, Christmas sales in the UK ‘creep up’ as early as October, in what retailers like to call ‘the golden quarter’.

In the United States, Christmas sales start even before Black Friday as well, while in Canada, sales begin before Halloween.

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when do christmas sales start

Are there big sales after Christmas? 

The short answer is yes. The long-ish answer is aside from Boxing Day, sales often go on well after Christmas. Many brands do ‘after Christmas’ sales as well as clearance sales before the New Year starts. 

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