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How to style scrunchies in 2021 (and our favourites in stores now)

Hair hero, style staple.

As 90s fashion continues to re-emerge, it looks like your favourite (or most hated?) hair accessory is coming with it. Yes, we’re talking about scrunchies.

They were catapulted to style stardom again in 2019, but are scrunchies in style in 2021?

Here, we take a look.

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Scrunchie’s singer inventor

Before we dive into the trend, let’s backtrack to where it all started.

The scrunchie was invented by a singer named Rommy Revson in 1986. She wanted to do away with the plastic and metal hair ties of the time but couldn’t find one available on the market — so she made one.

Where do you think she got the inspiration for the product? If your answer is the waistband of her pyjamas, you’re right – and maybe also genius (it’s definitely not what first comes to mind). The rest, they say, is history.

Are scrunchies in style in 2021?

Fast forward to today and you can see it everywhere (again). From BLACKPINK’s Jennie, to actress Millie Bobby Brown, your favourite fashion influencers and even your friends and peers, this hair tie has become not just a necessity for your tresses but also a style staple.

A tinge of nostalgia with a peppering of new styles and embellishments make scrunchies an irresistible addition to anyone’s style arsenal. In 2021, oversized and organza styles are in.

How to style scrunchies

Nothing looks as effortlessly cool as a low ponytail cinched by a scrunchie. That, on top of warm sunshine and swimwear in a flattering colour? We’re smitten.

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We’re seeing our cottagecore dreams come true in this ensemble by Leah Mei. A dress with ruffles with a matching scrunchie? Yes, please.

The fun part is it doesn’t always have to be a hair affair. Scrunchies as bracelets? Why not!

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Where to buy scrunchies

Organza Check Scrunchie Set, £10, Urban Outfitters – buy now

Oversized Organza Scrunchie, £8, Arket – buy now

Jules Scrunchie, £3, Weekday – buy now

Pack of Printed Scrunchies, £11.99, Zara – buy now

Gingham Scrunchies, £3, Etsy – buy now

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