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I’ve Looked Through H&M’s Entire New In Section – Here are The Pieces You Need

So many good basics at H&M right now

Last Updated on November 1, 2022

Transitioning your wardrobe for the colder autumn months is no easy task with the weather being so unpredictable here in the UK but one thing’s for sure and that’s our love for H&M’s new in section, it never lets us down.

They’re always bang on trend, affordable and have what can only be described as one of the best basics collections on the high street.

Packed full of autumn knits and two pieces, on trend oversized blazers, bright and bold colour blocking prints and must-have styles, shopping H&M’s new in section is the perfect place to add some fresh items into your wardrobe this autumn.

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With Autumn season firmly upon us, that means it’s out with the shorts and tees and in with the cozy knits. Add a pop of colour this season with rainbow-hued pieces which are guaranteed to bring joy to any winter wardrobe.

new in h&m

Scrolling the new in collections is pretty much my hobby, and I have put together our edit of the best pieces that have just dropped at H&M, from everyday jumpers to a sequin two piece that will take you from day to night, we’ve got you covered.

H&M has led the way on the high street with their hugely successful designer collaborations, their hugely successful latest collaboration with Iris Apfel launched earlier this year.

Last month they also dropped their latest AW22 Studio Collection – Neo Real, which was released on October 23rd, and we’re currently awaiting the announcement of their next designer collection for 2022 with baited breath.

new in h&m

The brand has worked to become eco-friendly and sustainable lately, with an aim for all products to be made from recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030. Currently this applies to 65% of the materials used, which makes us feel whole lot better about the number of items we’ve racked up in our basket!

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Here’s our edit of the best h&m new in pieces that have just dropped.

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New in at H&M

Long cable-knit jumper h&m

Long Cable-Knit Jumper, £29.99 – buy now

Red and white striped Patterned dress h&m

Patterned Dress, £39.99 – buy now

small sequin shoulder bag

Small Shoulder Bag, £17.99 – buy now

Jacquard-Knit Christmas Jumper h&m

Jacquard-Knit Christmas Jumper, £34.99 – buy now

Double-Breasted Wool-Blend Coat h&m

Double-Breasted Wool-Blend Coat, £139.99 – buy now

Mohair-blend jumper

Mohair-Blend Jumper, £79.99 – buy now

striped Pyjama shirt and bottoms h&m

Pyjama Shirt and Bottoms Set, £24.99 – buy now

Fringe-trimmed jumper h&m

Fringe-Trimmed Jumper, £39.99 – buy now

Knee-high leather boots h&m

Knee-High Leather Boots, £99.99 – buy now

sequin shoulder bag h&m

Sequined Shoulder Bag, £19.99 – buy now

pink coat h&m

Pink Coat, £49.99 – buy now

sequined top and skirt h&m

Sequined Top, £34.99 – buy now

Sequined Skirt, £34.99 – buy now

Fringe-trimmed dress h&m

Fringe-Trimmed Dress, £49.99 – buy now

Rhinestone-bow rib-knit cardigan H&M

Rhinestone-Bow Rib-Knit Cardigan, £24.99 – buy now

Checked Dog shirt

Checked Dog shirt, £14.99 – buy now

Teddy-lined leather boots h&m

Teddy-Lined Leather Boots, £79.99 – buy now

black Coat h&m

Black Coat, £49.99 – buy now

6-pack hoop earrings h&m

6-Pack Hoop Earrings, £9.99 – buy now

Jacquard-Weave Scarf H&M

Jacquard-Weave Scarf, £9.99 – buy now

black Bouclé jacket h&m

Bouclé Jacket, £34.99 – buy now

More new in

h&m Wool-blend jacket

Wool-Blend Jacket, £139.99 – buy now

H&M Ribbed Cut-Out Dress

Ribbed Cut-Out Dress, £17.99 – buy now

textured two piece h&m

Textured jersey Shirt, £17.99 – buy now

Flared Textured Jersey Leggings, £14.99 – buy now

H&M Mini skirt

Mini Skirt, £34.99 – buy now

Jacquard-weave scarf h&m

Jacquard-weave scarf, £9.99 – buy now

Rib-Knit Dress h&m

Rib-Knit Dress, £39.99 – buy now

Bow-Decorated Hair Clip H&M

Bow-Decorated Hair Clip, £6.99 – buy now

pink Ankle-Length Trousers h&m

Ankle-Length Trousers, £19.99 – buy now

Oversized Single-Breasted Blazer, £34.99 – buy now

black Cut-out dress h&m

Cut-Out Dress, £14.99 – buy now

Oversized Quilted Jacket h&M

Oversized Quilted Jacket, £34.99 – buy now

Oversized Oxford shirt h&m

Oversized Oxford Shirt, £17.99 – buy now

Chunky Buckle Detail Loafers h&m

Chunky Buckle Detail Loafers, £24.99 – buy now

dogtooth print crossbody bag h&m

Dogtooth Patterned Crossbody Bag, £17.99 – buy now

pink lobster pyjamas h&m

Pyjama Shirt And Bottoms, £29.99 – buy now

Lace-detail satin dress h&m

Lace-detail satin dress, £34.99 – buy now

h&m Double-Breasted Jacket

Double-Breasted Jacket, £39.99 – buy now

red Rib-knit jumper h&m

Rib-Knit Jumper, £19.99 – buy now

H&M+ Fluffy-Trimmed Jacket

H&M+ Fluffy-Trimmed Jacket, £39.99 – buy now

Satin dressing gown h&m

Satin Dressing Gown, £29.99 – buy now

Imitation leather leggings h&m

Imitation Leather Leggings, £17.99 – buy now

More new in

Crochet Crop Top & skirt h&m

Crochet Pencil Skirt, £17.99 – £34.99 – buy now

Voluminous lyocell-blend dress h&m

Voluminous Lyocell-Blend Dress, £24.99 – buy now

h&m new in Voluminous embroidery-detail dress

Voluminous Embroidery-Detail Dress, £17.99 – buy now

Rope Sandals h&m

Rope Sandals, £19.99 – buy now

One-shoulder dress h&m

One-Shoulder Dress, £19.99 – buy now

Single-breasted jacket & trousers h&m

Single-Breasted Jacket, £34.99 – buy now

High-Waisted Tailored Trousers, £24.99 – buy now

Rib-knit top H&M

Rib-Knit Top, £19.99 – buy now

Double-Weave Cotton Dress h&m

Double-Weave Cotton Dress, £24.99, buy now

h&m lace detail skirt

Lace Detail Skirt, £24.99 – buy now

new in Knitted crop top h&m

Knitted crop top, £12.99 – buy now

h&m Cut Out Satin Dress

Cut Out Satin Dress, £24.99 – buy now

h&m Long Floral Halterneck Dress,

Long Floral Halterneck Dress, £34.99 – buy now

h&m V-Neck Black Midi Dress

V-Neck Black Midi Dress, £49.99 – buy now

h&m fringed jumper

Fringed Jumper, £49.99 – buy now

h&m Tailored Waistcoat

Tailored Waistcoat, £24.99 – buy now

h&m Tie-front shirt dress

Tie-Front Shirt Dress, £19.99 – buy now

h&m Suede espadrille sandals

Suede Espadrille Sandals, £39.99 – buy now

h&m Scallop Bikini

Padded Scallop Bikini Top, £12.99 – buy now

Scallop Bikini Bottoms, £9.99 – buy now

More new in

Oversized shacket - Natural white - Ladies | H&M GB 3

Oversized shacket, £39.99 – buy now

Puff-sleeved dress - Light beige/Leopard print - Ladies | H&M GB 4
Leopard print Puff-sleeved dress, £24.99 – buy now
Straight cargo trousers - Khaki green - Ladies | H&M GB

Straight cargo trousers, £49.99 – buy now

Bustier crop top, £29.99 – buy now

Knitted dress - Black/Patterned - Ladies | H&M GB 4

Knitted dress, £24.99 – buy now

Flounce-collared cardigan - Light beige - Ladies | H&M GB

Flounce-collared cardigan, £19.99 – buy now

Knot-detail knitted jumper - Light blue - Ladies | H&M GB 3

Knot-detail knitted jumper, £14.99 – buy now

H&M+ Knitted dress - Dark blue/Argyle pattern - Ladies | H&M GB

Knitted dress, £14.99 – buy now (available up to size 4XL)

Tie-detail blouse - Dark brown - Ladies | H&M GB

Tie-detail blouse, £14.99 – buy now

H&M+ Knot-detail knitted jumper - Black - Ladies | H&M GB

Knot-detail knitted jumper, £14.99 – buy now

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Fine-knit cashmere joggers - Dark old rose - Ladies | H&M GB

Fine-knit cashmere joggers, £79.99 – buy now
Crease-leg straight satin trousers - Light beige - Ladies | H&M GB

Crease-leg straight satin trousers, £24.99 – buy now

Chunky zip-front boots - Light beige - Ladies | H&M GB

Chunky zip-front boots, £34.99 – buy now

Braided mules - Black - Ladies | H&M GB

Braided mules, £24.99 – buy now

Rib-knit wool-blend jumper - Cream - Ladies | H&M GB

Rib-knit wool-blend jumper, £99.99 – buy now

Faux fur slippers - Brown - Ladies | H&M GB

Faux fur slippers, £19.99 – buy now

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