H&M’s Divided Section Explained

It keeps us young.

Retailers like H&M, Zara and ASOS have so many different brands within their brands, it can be confusing understanding the difference.

If you’ve heard of H&M’s Divided section, you’re probably wondering what differentiates it from the rest of the products on offer at the Swedish giant.

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While it’s one of my most-visited online stores, I’ve never really known what the Divided section is. I’ve seen it pop up from time to time, but never really paid much attention to it.

Woman wears black halterneck dress from H&M Divided

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What is H&M Divided?

For anyone who has no idea, you’ll be glad to know I’ve found out all the info so let me fill you in.

The Divided section is actually aimed at teenagers, similar to TRF at Zara.

It’s designed for the young, fun and carefree, which will now make me secretly delighted anytime I find myself choosing a piece from the Divided section.

The pieces in the line are heavily influenced by the pop culture and modern music scene and has two overriding themes: tough edgy style and a more boho festival vibe.

As it’s targeted at teenagers the sizes are slightly smaller than the regular ladies section, so it might bea good idea to size up when buying anything from the Divided section.

It’s full of bright colours, fun patterns and on trend pieces, so you may find yourself visiting the section more during the summer months.

Another great thing about it being aimed at teenagers is thatit means the prices are also lower than the regular prices. Sign me up!

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Shop H&M Divided

h&m divided section

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h&m divided section

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