How to Find the Product Code on Next explained

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Last Updated on October 9, 2023

Wondering how to find the product code on Next clothing? Then you have come to the right place. There’s nothing worse than finding a garment in a Next store that you love but isn’t your size, only to not be able to find it when you peruse online.

That’s where product codes, or item codes, come in. These allow you to find exactly the garment you were looking for. If you’re in store, referencing the product code makes it easier for the assistant to help track it down, too. You can also put out a question on your Instagram, asking what the product code is for an item you love, which is very useful. So how do you find it?

Once you know how though, the good news is it’s super quick and easy. Let’s take a closer look at how to track down the product code on Next. And if you’re having similar issues with your other favourite shops, check out how to find the product on Shein, or how to find the product code on Zara and ASOS. Here’s how to find the product code on Next clothing.

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Where is the Next product code?

The product code for each item is clearly displayed on the Next website and is comprised of six numbers. The product code will take the following format: “XXX-XXX”. We’ve take a screenshot below, along with an arrow to find it. Once you land on the website, hover over the garment you are interested in, then click it. You’ll be taken to a screen like the one we have taken below.

Below the price, you’ll see a small ID number. This is the product code.

Find Product code on Next, showing where it is located

Interestingly, the ID code also matches the URL of the landing page. Again, we have taken a screenshot as an example here, below. Once you have the product code, here comes the fun bit. You just need to copy and paste the product code into the search bar on the Next website.

Find product code Next

You can also visit the handy Next Quick Shop, where you can put the six digit item number. This will help you find the product immediately, as well as tell you if it’s in stock and what sizes are available. We’ve taken a screenshot below, and pointed out where you want to put the product code.

A screenshot of the Next Quick Shop site, where you can input your product code

From there, you’ll be taken directly to the page, where you’ll be able to buy it if it’s in stock. That’s it, easy.

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