Sex And The City: Kim Cattrall’s best ever outfits as Samantha Jones on SATC

Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte will return for a new show And Just Like That... minus Samantha.

Last Updated on January 14, 2021

Samantha Jones is Sex And The City’s most under-appreciated style icon – so we’ve found 10 of her best looks.

Today it was announced that SATC is back. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon are returning for a spin-off series called And Just Like That … but sadly for us, Kim Cattrall opted out.

The actress, who played Samantha Jones in the show for six seasons and two movies, famously also said no to a third. Rumour (and a very direct Instagram post) has it that Cattrall and Jessica Parker aren’t the best of friends, although the latter party denied it today.

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Regardless, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda are set to carry on without Sam’s hilarious quips and wonderfully direct approach to sex.

While we’re unbelievably excited for the new season, we can’t help but feel dismayed that Samantha won’t be joining the girls – so in homage of her sassy style, we’ve found 10 of Kim Cattrall’s best outfits as Samantha Jones on the show.

Samantha Jones Best Outfits

Samantha Jones was ahead of her time! Hot pink is set to be huge in 2021 and Sam was clearly going for it when she wore this sassy trouser suit.

We love how the show’s stylist Patricia Field put this look together, with killer heels and a peeking bra. Power dressing at its finest.

Samantha Jones Best Outfits

Samantha Jones knows how to do colour blocking.

This balloon sleeve top cinched in at the waist with an oversized yellow belt is perfection, while the matching bag ties it together perfectly.

Samantha Jones Best Outfits

We’ve never stopped thinking about this gingham two-piece Samantha wore for a rooftop barbeque in season 3.

The pigtails, aviators and huge hoop earrings give the look the Samantha Jones edge, which we love.

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Samantha Jones Best Outfits

Kim Cattrall looks absolutely killer in red.

As a true siren, Samantha Jones wore a few LRD’s in her time but this has to be our favourite. Teamed with gold jewellery and 80s make-up, it’s truly iconic.

Samantha Jones Best Outfits

Another outfit that’s ahead of its time, Samantha’s cobalt blue coat with a fur collar is one of a kind.

She wore this over a leopard-print slip dress in season 3 to seduce a firefighter. The colour co-ordination was on fire.

Samantha Jones Best Outfits

Another head-to-toe blue look, only Samantha Jones could pull this co-ord off.

The sequinned 90s look is so Spice Girls, yet Kim Cattrall’s character somehow gets away with it.

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Samantha Jones Best Outfits
Instagram: @everyoutfitonsatc

Samantha Jones wore this three-piece set in season 3 and it’s so perfect for Kim Cattrall’s character.

It’s bold, sophisticated and works so well to illustrate how Samantha doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Samantha Jones Best Outfits

Samantha looks perfection in this sequin gold pencil skirt, with matching oversized jewellery.

The PR businesswoman clearly agrees with the mantra ‘go big or go home,’ if her accessories are anything to go by.

Samantha Jones Best Outfits

We’re starting to think that blue was Samantha’s favourite colour.

Kim Cattrall wore the hue so many times during the series, and it’s not hard to see why Field favoured it for the actress.

This is another classic 90s combo, which is so wrong, it’s right.

It wouldn’t be Sex And The City without sickening amounts of Chanel.

This checkerboard scarf worn as a headpiece with chunky gold hoops is utterly iconic.

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